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Kaleiçi Müzesi

Jacek Malcewzki's Journey to Anatolia
Jacek Malcewzki's Journey to Anatolia.
Joanna Winiewicz-Wolska.

2014, Antalya

Lanckoroński had picked the young artist Jacek Malczewski for “recording on paper” his voyage of 1884 to Anatolia; a compilation of the young artist’s trip notes, and drawings and watercolours he produced during and soon after the voyage was published by Joanna Winiewicz-Wolska in Polish in 2009.

Malczewski’s observations on regions he described as “skies, land – all are a miracle” and the information he gathered, particularly his illustrations documenting Antalya and environs, made it valuable for AKMED’s mission.

This point taken as a pinpoint, the work is republished bilingually in English and Turkish in order to reach out to wider audience.

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