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Kaleiçi Müzesi

Antalya'da İki Öncü Dergi
Antalya'da İki Öncü Dergi.
Galip Alçıtepe.

2005, Antalya

[Two Pioneer Magazines in Antalya: Çağlayan and Türkakdeniz]
Establishment of halkevi is indeed solid evidence of the struggle for civilizing of the Turkish Republic, which emerged as a result of the national struggle (1919-1922) against imperialist powers. The young republic, trying to rise on the ashes of a large empire, had no choice but to civilize.
Majority of its population were illiterate. Exhaustion caused by wars coming one after the other had brought with it hopelessness. Agriculture was implemented very primitively in a country where industrialization was not a known concept.

Halkevleri aimed at initiating modernization along with ascribing national identity to the society, which was trying to retain its existence under such circumstances. For this purpose, various magazines were published, above all Ülkü in the capital.

The present study investigates, from various angles, the Çağlayan and Türkakdeniz magazines published by the Antalya Halkevi, which came into function in 1932.

Dr. Galip Alçıtepe

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