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Kaleiçi Müzesi

Antalya, Isparta ve Burdur Evlerinde Cephe Biçimlenişi
Antalya, Isparta ve Burdur Evlerinde Cephe Biçimlenişi.
Nur Urfalıoğlu.

2010, Antalya

Numerous studies and publications on the Ottoman-Turkish houses, which have conveyed the Turkish cultural and social life to the present, thus transferring it to the future generations, have increased greatly in categories of the origins of the Anatolian house tradition, urban morphologies and typologies. However, works on the houses of western Mediterranean region encompassing Antalya, Isparta and Burdur have not been as extensive as they should have been, remaining at the planimetric level only, never looking at the façade decoration with its arrangements and the plan’s reflection on it, which is an indicative characteristic for many periods. This study, intended to be a starting point, makes a comprehensive comparison between the western Mediterranean houses and examples from the vast geography, where the Ottoman-Turkish houses are found, with regards to layout, structure, façade and decoration in order to determine its place within the Ottoman-Turkish house tradition, identify regional layout and façade types; results are also presented in tables and drawings in details. This book bears importance for it documents the Turkish house architecture with regards to plan-façade-decoration…

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