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Kaleiçi Müzesi

Atatürk with Photos / Atatürk en Photos
Atatürk with Photos / Atatürk en Photos.

1998, İstanbul

“… Mustafa Kemal Atatürk carried our country to the present modern days through the foundation of the Republic, revolutions he introduced, developments he initiated in education system and with his far-sighted view reaching beyond his times and the enthusiasm he grafted in his nation.

Not only on the 75th anniversary but every moment the Republic must be kept in mind, it must be a life-style that must appropriated by every individual of the nation. The love for Atatürk is an indispensable passion.

Mustafa Kemal, the great man who believed in the power for struggle of a nation that had lost of all hope for survival, created the Republic of Turkey with the power he received from his nation and we wanted to share the felicity we feel on the 75th anniversary of our Republic through this book…”.

Suna and İnan Kıraç

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